Whether by intention or because you are web-search-challenged (like me), you have landed here. This website is about providing a safe space for you to explore the ins and outs of getting a handle on your behaviors. There are specifics on the About Me page, but in a nutshell, I’m a psychologist who has spent her life helping people figure out how to live better. In the process, I learned a lot—some of it from books and classes, and a lot, lot, lot of it from my patients!

Now that I am seasoned and semi-retired, I have the time to record some of what I have learned. In the pages of this website and my blog posts (listed on the right, or below if you’re on your phone), you will find ideas to help you sort through some of life’s hurdles. While there are no magical solutions, there is a long history of good science and deep thinking to guide you.

So bookmark this page (www.brendalwolfe.com) and check in when you need to catch your breath. Some of my posts will be useful to you in the moment, others will be useful down the road. Some will simply be entertaining, and if you write me, others will hit the nail on the head for you. My goal is to offer you a little bit of sanity in crazy times.

Brenda L. Wolfe, Ph.D.